NewWorld Solar Project Portfolio Exceeds 50,000 Hours of Job Creation

NewWorld Environmental Infrastructure, L.P. announced today that the construction employment hours of the union workforce of electricians, operators and engineers, and laborers on its solar project
portfolio have exceeded 50,000 hours. The firm began construction on the 11.6 megawatt solar photovoltaic project portfolio, which is composed of six projects located in Connecticut and Massachusetts, in April 2013 in partnership with Soltage LLC. The sixth project is scheduled for completion during December 2013.

NewWorld has partnered with North Sky Capital as manager of the CleanTech Alliance Fund which represents a number of leading Taft-Hartley pension funds. “We have worked hard to create the dual win of significant union employment in the near-term and attractive investment returns forecasted for the union pension funds in the long-term – paychecks today and benefits tomorrow” states NewWorld Partner Everett Smith.

“We have been thrilled to partner with New World Infrastructure and North Sky in this innovative and scalable investment approach that efficiently mobilizes the workforce in the field while funding the construction and provision of a long term clean energy source,“ comments Chief Operating Officer of Soltage Vanessa Stewart.

About NewWorld Environmental Infrastructure, L.P.

NewWorld Environmental Infrastructure, L.P. was established in collaboration with North Sky Capital to provide funding for clean infrastructure assets and companies. It is managed by NewWorld Infrastructure Group, LLC, an affiliate of NewWorld Capital Group LLC, and provides project equity for clean infrastructure assets and structured equity to companies engaged in deploying clean infrastructure.

About Soltage LLC

Soltage is a full service renewable energy company that develops and operates solar energy stations on client sites across the United States. Using proven technology and on-site electric generation, Soltage can supply a significant portion of client long-term energy needs at a cost below retail rates. Soltage is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey ( ).